Hi there,
I'm Brandan McKay aka BAM from BAM's House Party.  Since 2004, I've been enjoying bringing the best in Techno, Trance, House and Dance to Detroit's airwaves and to listeners around the world.  COVID 19 brought a big change to the way I was used to doing that and as a result, in March of 2020, the show I was doing was suddenly put on hold.  As time went on, and the station remained closed, I decided something needed to be done to get the music back on the air.  Luckily, 313.FM was willing to partner up and using some new technology, we are able to bring you a new show on a new station to continue my mission and passion of bringing some of the worlds best DJ's to you every week. 
It hasn't been without cost that used to be covered by the previous station though.  There's hardware costs, advertising costs, hosting costs and production costs just to name a few things. I am hoping that as a community we can come together to support this show so we can continue to bring it to you for years to come and continue supporting the artists that need our support now more than ever.  If you can help in that mission, please consider giving a Papal donation using a credit or debit card using the link below.  Times are tough and if you cannot currently afford a monetary donation, consider just sharing about our show on your social media.  Word of mouth travels faster than ever and helps in so many ways.  Thank you!
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